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Thanks to Propellerheads software: since I first tried it, I knew Reason was the music-making software for me.
Thanks to the community at Propellerheads user forum: you are such a helpful and good ol' bunch :)
Thanks to New Atlantis Audio: without your incredibly inspiring Forest refill for Reason, this album would not have happened.

This album is intended to play from start to finish without gaps between songs. I know that mp3 doesn't really support gapless playback, but maybe you can engage a crossfader or something. Good luck with that. And of course you can just enjoy a single song at a time, blended together with the rest of your 250 gigabyte music library. Who am I to judge?

There is a certain narrative that I was aiming for with this album. Don't feel bad if you don't get it, though. That's the beauty of the whole thing, we all bring our own 0,02 units of currency to the table, and take home our own unique interpretation.

Oh, I almost forgot.. What is cupcaking, you may ask? As I was trying to come up with a proper name for this album, I did a Google search something along the lines of "what is the word when you go through hardship and learn something from it". (Don't remember the exact wording, but you get the gist of it) I ended up reading an article at urbandictionary.com, where it said:"Cupcaking - The act of spontaneous wandering that does not have a particular destination in mind, however this action results in wondrous, often life changing experiences." That seemed to fit the bill perfectly, so I ran with it. Later, however, I found out that there are dozens of other meanings for cupcaking listed on the same site, but you needn't pay any attention to those.. Or heck, go ahead and read them, and then laugh along with me at how awkward some of those would be.. But I don't mind, it all just gives more room for interpretation!


released August 6, 2012

Composition, recording, mixing, mastering, artwork, the works: Simo Sainio




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